President's Day

Today is George Washington's 288th birthday.  With that in mind we searched through the collection of the Museum of Fulton County for president related materials.  This is just a small sampling of what we found.  Some of these subjects are worth further exploration in future posts.  We had a lot of fun exploring and we hope you enjoy our Presidents Day post.

Image from a scrapbook in the Collection of the Museum of Fulton County.  Label Reads:  "Lincoln Raising Flag at Independence Hall in Honor of Washington's Birthday-1860"

Article from the Toledo Blade dated January 1933

A piece of wood purported to be from Abraham Lincoln's cabin in Indiana.  This item is currently on exhibit in our Amazing Showman of Clinton Street exhibit through April 15th. 

An advertising card featuring the James Garfield Memorial in Cleveland. 

The back of the advertising card pictured above. 

Photograph taken the night of September 5th, 1901 at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.  This it the "last posed" photograph of President William McKinley before he was fatally shot on September 6th, 1901.  The tall man on the president's left is Colonel Joseph Brigham of Delta, OH.  Col. Brigham served as the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture in the McKinley Administration.
Photo courtesy of

Col. Brigham with President McKinley. Date and location of photograph unknown.

Program from a Memorial Service to President McKinley.  Col. Brigham was the first to give an address at this service.  The inside front cover is inscribed "Compliments of JH Brigham" in his own hand. 

Pamphlet containing the poem "There's A Voice in The Air."  Julia Carter Aldrich was from Ottokee.  This poem was written in response to President Woodrow Wilson's War Message to Congress on April 2, 1917.  Four days later Congress would declare war and we would enter World War I.

"There's a Voice in The Air"
By Julia Carter Aldrich
Copyright 1917

There's a voice in the air, going up from the people;
    Tis heard 'round the world and 'tis felt in the soul;
The nations of earth are now calling for justice,
    That Democracy's might shall unite and control -
That Autocrat rule under foot shall be trampled;
    Vast millions by it have been robbed of life's worth;
But never again shall that power make servile
    The toil and the genius supplying the earth.

Great Self, holding rule, is the Prince of all Evil -
    The earth with its fullness he claims as his own -
He ruthlessly enters the Holy of Holies -
    Strips homes of their needs for enriching his throne;
The bounties of Heaven he throws to the billows -
    The demons of darkness seem his to command;
Destruction and famine he adds to the sorrow -
    But God is above - over sea and the land.

There's a voice in the air.  Cold, hungry, and homeless,
    Lone children are wandering - are mingling their cries;
The Despot, enthroned, there in majesty sitting,
    The teachings Christ gave, from the Father, defies.
There's a voice in the Home - 'Tis the sorrow of mothers
    For dear ones they've given - the wail of dispair
From fields strewn with horrors, where the wounded and dying,
    Lie weltering in blood - and no mother love there.

Christ's voice to the mourning will balm with its soothing
    The war-wounds of sorrow - the heartaches and pain - 
Like the message of blessing that's whispered by angels,
    'Tis felt in the spirit - with in trial sustain.
Christ comes in the clouds that for long have enshrouded
    With sorrow and suffering, Earth's tyrannized lands - 
His teachings are sending brave soldiers to battle;
    They press to the front to meet Heaven's demands.

His voice, ever present in questions of Duty,
    Speaks now to our dear ones, so pointed and plain;
"Do ye for your brothers, what you'd wish them to do,
    "Were war wolves in fury encompassing you" - 
And promptly they go to the aid of their fellows,
    E'en over the seas, braving danger and pain.

His voice is now heard by the millions who worship
    Through teachings He left for the guidance of all;
The spirit of Union, now warm and absorbing,
    His Presence that comes in response to their call.
The voice of the Christ is now binding in union - 
    A union in worship - a union in loss -
A union of labor for soothing of sorrow - 
    Each sacrifice bringing us nearer His cross.

The voice we hear calling is the voice of the Savior - 
    He comes in the clouds that now darken the Earth;
And, listen, oh People!  He comes from the Father;
    The message He brings has intensified worth - 
Has wisdom and justice - a a holy uplifting -
    Has courage and warning, compassion and love;
His presence is verity felt in the Spirit - 
    A strength for the Soul that is sent from Above.

The presage of Hope is a day of great Glory
    To break from the clouds that enmantle its morn -
Thro' lands of all Christians, no throne of a Despot
    His diadem'd crown then the people will scron;
'Twas glaring insignia of right to crush borthers;
    With Autocrat Rule swept  forever away - 
The blessings of Peace, and the Christ Spirit reigning
    Will bring to all Nations, Hope's Glory-lit Day.



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