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Council Oak

The Council Oak TreeThe Council Oak tree used to be located in Winameg, OH.  It was a White Oak tree, and stood  for over three hundred years until 1992.  It was approximately 75 feet high and measured 5 feet in diameter.Colonel Howard's writings state that the Council Oak was the scene of meetings for the Indians and government officials.  The Colonel was an interpreter for the government at many of these meetings, including the negotiation of the treaty with Chief Winameg that would lead to the Pottawatomie's leaving the county and moving to Kansas.   

There have been a lot of myths about this tree.  One such myth is that it was a torture tree used by the Indians to punish their enemies.  There is no written evidence to verify this, and stories have been created and embellished throughout the years.  Another myth is that Colonel Howard met Andrew Jackson under the tree.  It wasn't Andrew Jackson but Colonel James Jackson.  

Colonel James Jackson was a local Indian agen…

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