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Road Trip

Let’s go on a Road Trip Is your family all stuck at home and bored?   Try taking this trip through the County.   You can start at any point and stop wherever.  Come back another day to do another part.   It’s all up to you.  Have fun and learn more about Fulton County.  This teaches local history, how to follow directions (written and on a map) and a few research skills.  Plan to answer the questions and take a few photos.  (Remember “ghost” towns are often empty.) The starting point for our purposes is at the intersection of Airport Highway (US 20 A) and Swanton’s Main Street (Rt. 64 North).  Turn north on Rt. 64 and travel to (1-699) North Main (between Parkside and Garfield).  This is Swanton Memorial Park.  In this Park stands a historic Spot we have numbered #1.  After identifying it continue north on Main Street to Zeiter Way (Broadway) and turn east.  There are two markers here.  Identify both for #2. Get back on Main Street and continue North to Rd. N and turn

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