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Drafting a Declaration: The Marjorie Whiteman Story

The Marjorie Whiteman exhibit opens at The Museum of Fulton County on Saturday, January 11, 2020.  I sense that you are asking yourself who is Marjorie Whiteman. Marjorie gained prominence in international law becoming a legal advisor to Eleanor Roosevelt and  publishing 15 Volumes now known as the Whiteman Digest that are still in use today.

Marjorie was born Nov. 30, 1898 in Henry County, OH.  She graduated from Wauseon high School in 1915 and put herself through Ohio Wesleyan College, receiving her bachelors degree in 1920.  After graduation she taught history and public speaking at Napoleon High School for five years. 

In a 1977 interview with the Swanton Enterprise, Miss Whiteman said that her "decision to study law was strange."  No one influenced her on what law school to attend or what type of law to study.  She chose Yale law school and it was only after she was there that she realized how lucky she was to be  studying there.  She was one of two women in her class…

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