Road Trip

Let’s go on a Road Trip

Is your family all stuck at home and bored?   Try taking this trip through the County.   You can start at any point and stop wherever.  Come back another day to do another part.   It’s all up to you.  Have fun and learn more about Fulton County.  This teaches local history, how to follow directions (written and on a map) and a few research skills.  Plan to answer the questions and take a few photos.  (Remember “ghost” towns are often empty.)

The starting point for our purposes is at the intersection of Airport Highway
(US 20 A) and Swanton’s Main Street (Rt. 64 North).  Turn north on Rt. 64 and travel to (1-699) North Main (between Parkside and Garfield).  This is Swanton Memorial Park.  In this Park stands a historic Spot we have numbered #1. 

After identifying it continue north on Main Street to Zeiter Way (Broadway) and turn east.  There are two markers here.  Identify both for #2.

Get back on Main Street and continue North to Rd. N and turn west.  Go as far as between Rd. 5 and 6.  This is the location of one of Fulton County’s “ghost” towns.  It was called Lytton.  Tell me about at least one building that stood in this town.  This is point #3. (This may take some research later).

Continue west on Rd. N to Rd. 6.  Turn north and go to US Highway 20 (Central Ave.) and turn east traveling to the intersection of US 20 and Rt. 64.  This is the town of Caraghar.  Point #4. What is its name today and what is the name of the church in that town?

Turn North on Rt. 64 to Rd. S.  Point # 5. What is at this location?

Continue north on Rt. 64 to Metamora and find Rt. 120. Turning west go to Rd. 5.  Once at this location there was another former town of the county.  It was called Whiteville.  What RR passed through here? The Toledo and Western, the DT &I or Toledo and Indiana Railway? Point#6 (research again?)

Continuing west on Rt. 120 to the intersection at Rd. T.  Point #7 This is the location of a marker with historical significance.  What is the location called and why is it important?

Continue to follow 120 west just past Rd. 14-2.  That is the location of Denson.  This was a RR stop for the Toledo and Western Railroad.  The town existed about 12 years.

Continue on 120 to Rd. 16 and turn south traveling to US Hwy 20.  Turn east to the intersection of Rt. 108 and US 20.  This too was the location of a town in Fulton County – Oakshade.  Oakshade moved locations , the original location was probably were the Oakshade Raceway stands today.  It was built for a stop on the DT& I.  After that it was known as a “cheese” town.

Turn south on 108 as far as Rd. J. Turn east and continue to Rd. 14.  This is location #8.  Give its name and its importance to Fulton County.  Also there is a marker, what is it?

Turn around and go back west on Rd. J to Rd. 17-3.  Here you will find the town of Tedrow once called Spring Hill.  It was once considered for becoming the county seat.

Turn north on Rd. 17-3 and pick up Rd. 18 going as far as Rd MN.  On the left is the location of a town called Thelma another ghost town.  But turn east on Rd.MN and North on Rd. 16-3.   Near here is the town of Inlet and close to from where a Fulton County Historical Society building was moved.  #9 what building was here originally?

Continue North on Rd.16-3 until you reach US 20.  Go west following US 20 to between Rds. 20 & 21.  This location was once Powers for Powers Station.  a RR stop on the Toledo and Western Interurban Railroad.

Continue West on US20 through Fayette, the original home of the Fayette Normal School. Point #10. What was primarily taught in this school?

Continue on US 20 until you reach US 127 and turn North.  At the state line there stands 2 monuments.  Point #11 what are the monuments?

Turn around south on US 127. Follow it to Rd. 27. Follow 27 to Rd. M. Rd. M and Rd. 27 is what Lake- point #12. 

Go back to east on M to Rt. 66.  Follow Rt. 66 to Rd. F.  You have passed through the towns of  Burlington and Elmira.  At Rd. F turn west to Rd. 26.  At this area is a State Preserve.  Point #13 - What is the name of this Preserve?

Turn South on Rd. 26 and East at Rd. E going back to Rt. 66.  At Rt. 66 turn south.  When you find the intersection of Rt. 66 and Rt. 2 there is point #14.  What marker is there?  Marker #14-A is located just east on Rt. 2. 

Travel back to Rt. 6 . Continue south on Rt.66 heading for Co. Rd. C.  Watch closely.  Point #15.  What is the marker in the park?

At Co. Rd. C turn east going as far as Rd. 19 and turn north.  Heading toward St. Rt. 2 you will travel through the town of Pettisville.   The oldest continuously run store in the county is in this town.  Point #16.  What is its name? (May need research)

At St. Rt. 2 turn east and head into Wauseon.  In Wauseon at Fulton St. turn south.  At Chestnut Street stands one of the most important buildings in the county.  Point #17 is what building?

Continue south on Fulton Street to Leggit Street.  At Leggit turn east again.  At Shoop this road becomes Co. Rd. E.  Continue East on Co. Rd. E until reaching US 109 and turn north.  At Co. Rd. F and 109 stands another marker.  What is it? Point #18. 

Continue North on 109 through Delta and past the turnpike exit.  At Rd. J turn west to Rd. 10-2 go north and between Rd. L and M is the town of Winameg.  In this town stands two markers.  Point #19.  What are the markers?

Travel east on Rd. M to Co. Rd. 4 turning South to Rd. 4 & Rd. L   This location is Ai- A town whose school was the first in the state to provide transportation to school.  Horse drawn of course.

Turn South at Rd. 4 and East on Rd. K and South on Rd. 3.    Continue South on Rd. 3 across US 20 A going as far as Co Rd. EF.  This location was called Brailey, the home of Civil War General.   Turn east on Rd. EF and continue to Rd. 1-2. Follow this north and then Rd.1-1 as far as the Centerville Cemetery.  It is named after one of the original names of Swanton and contains another monument.  Point #20   What is the name of the monument?

If you follow Rd. 1-1 to US 20A, you will be back to your starting point.

Each of these locations could be researched more, a scrapbook of information and photos might be a nice project.

Please remember there are even more locations in Fulton County to visit. 


1.      In this park stands the “Spirit of American Doughboy Statue.  This famous statue is by E. M. Viquesney and was donated by France to US Cities that lost  a great many men during WWI.

2.     Swanton Ohio Vietnam Memorial – Dedicated to the Men and Women of Swanton, Ohio who served during the Vietnam War Swanton Ohio Legion Monument

3.      Lytton Post Office lasted only 2 years, but Everret’s General Store was the last building.

4.     The town is now Assumption once also known as St. Mary’s Corner due to St. Mary’s Catholic Church

5.      Amboy Township Veterans Memorial stands in Amboy Township Cemetery the oldest cemetery in Fulton County.

6.      Whiteville served the Toledo and Western.

7.      Seward or Phillips Corners. This marks the place the Toledo War was fought.  The Fulton County Historical Society was planning on reenacting this battle on the anniversary date, but that has been cancelled at this time.

8.      This is the town of Ottokee and was the first county seat of the county.  The monument was to Women in Service of Fulton County.  The first courthouse stood at this location and has been replicated in the new Museum of Fulton County.

9.      This is Inlet and lasted only about 6 years, The Canfield Cabin which sits on the Fulton County Fairgrounds was once near this location.

10.    The Fayette Normal School started in this location.  It primarily taught people how to be teachers.  It later moved to Wauseon and was the forerunner of BG.

11.      The two monuments are 1815 Michigan Meridan (after War of 1812 a survey was ordered to establish the meridian for military bounty land) and 1915 OH Mi State Line Survey (a resurvey of the line between Mi and Ohio answered the question of the border)

12.      Harrison Lake is a park with Camp Palmer a 4H camp next to it.

13.      Golls Woods.  It is the only old growth forest in the Black Swamp.

14.      Ohio Art monument honoring the founder of the Ohio Art Company born in Burlington and the founder of the toy company.

14-A.     Erie Sauder – Monument honoring the pioneer furniture manufacturer and philanthropist.

15.     Monument to David Aeschliman who was from Archbold and earned two purple Hearts and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

16.       This town has Sunday’s Market the oldest continuously run grocery store.

17.       The Fulton County Courthouse is the 3rd courthouse built in Fulton County. It has beautiful paintings and has been renovated in the last year.

18.       This is a monument to Reverend King who was active in the Underground Railroad.

19.     The two monuments are the Council Oak/ Col D.W.H Howard Pioneer of Fulton County and Indian Chief Winameg (both buried under the Council Oak) and Winameg Mounds (12 burial mounds from the local Indians)

20.     Swanton Civil War Monument – This monument honors the Soldiers from the Civil War, Spanish American, WWI and WWII and Korea.  Erected by the GAR American Legion


  1. What is "Inlet" named after? I usually associate that word with waterway navigation but what does it signify as a Fulton County place name? Thanks!


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