We are excited to introduce our new project, this blog.   As part of our mission to increase access to the history of the county we will be using this platform to dive deep into the people and stories of Fulton County's past. Please join us on this exciting journey. 

Founded in 1883 by Colonel Dresden Howard, the Fulton County History Society has been preserving the history of the county since that time.  In 2018 the Society opened the new Museum of Fulton County.  The 4,000 square foot museum traces the history of the county through thousands of years from the mound building native cultures to the creation of the Interstate Highway System.  You will see artifacts related to Native Americans, Barney Oldfield, and NASA.  In addition, the Museum features 3 special exhibits a year.  Visit us and see what Fulton County was like in the Past.

Our Historic Properties

The History Manor

Before opening the new museum, the Society operated a smaller museum on Monroe Street.  That building is now operated as the History Manor and hosts our popular HistorTEA programs.  Built in 1868 as Wauseon's first High School it was later later purchased by the Fulton County Medical Association and became Fulton County's first Hospital.  In the 1940's it was converted into four apartments.  The Society took ownership in 1969.  The History Manor is now a house museum which interprets the history of building with restored rooms telling the stories of the men and women who learned, healed, and lived there. 

The History Manor located at 229 Monroe Street in Wauseon

 The Wauseon Depot

Built in 1896, this New York Central Railroad Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Similar in construction to other depots located in Northwest Ohio it is owned by the City of Wauseon and managed by the Society.  Restored in 1975, it houses hundreds of artifacts related to the history of railroads.  A restored Baltimore & Ohio caboose sits next to the depot.  The Depot is home to the Museum's Hobo festival in the fall as well as hosting Santa Claus during the Christmas Season. 

The Wauseon Depot located on Depot Street in Wauseon

The Canfield Cabin

Herman Canfield moved from New York to Chestfield Township and built the cabin in 1838.  The Canfield family lived in the log cabin for twenty two years, moving out in 1860.  A series of owners lived in the cabin until it's last resident purchased it on March 10, 1953.  Mr. Emmett Lasalle moved out of the cabin in November of 1976.  The cabin lay vacant until 1981 when it was acquired by Fulton County Historical Society who dismantled and moved it to the fairgrounds.  In the fall of 2019 cedar siding was added to the exterior of the cabin in an effort to preserve the original structure from the elements.  The cabin is open for tours during the Fulton County Fair as well as other activities and special events. 

The Canfield Cabin as it looked before the 2019 preservation project

The Canfield Cabin as it looked after the preservation project

The Reighard Blacksmith Shop

Built in 1861 by Henry Harrison Reighard and located on the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets, it was the last operating blacksmith shop in Delta.  Remaining in the Reighard family, it was donated to the Fulton County Historical Society in 1972  and was moved to the Fulton County Fairgrounds.  Housing antique tools and other artifacts it remains a working forge housing blacksmith demonstrations during the Fulton County Fair and Ag. Day which brings every 3rd grader in the county through to experience manufacturing's past.  

The Reighard Blacksmith Shop


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